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Last time, on Dragon Ball Z.. (Three word story)
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Raw_Egg1845/21 4:40PM
Damn, need to get out of a Stag Party.ScooterHodunk35/21 4:31PM
The Teens from TeensReact are hot!
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AllstarSniper32125/21 4:27PM
Man squirts syringe filled with his own blood at hospital nursesErik_P75/21 4:25PM
Alien > Aliens
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Metro2125/21 4:18PM
What's the audience for late night TV shows?Judgmenl35/21 4:12PM
What impact has a single company had on the entirety of gaming in the past year?Judgmenl75/21 4:11PM
The Nade Duck / Lobomoon poll (Poll)
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quigonzel115/21 4:10PM
Trying to remember a name of a old PC gamescubasteve4255/21 4:07PM
Which republican /democrat combo would you like in power on each party? (Poll)
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Metal_Gear_Link155/21 4:00PM
the jen situation: are we just not allowed to talk about fat people?
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ZiggiStardust855/21 3:56PM
Adding a 'u' to words that end in '-or' is superfluous...Solid Sonic85/21 3:56PM
is this the most realistic orc in cinema history?Zikten65/21 3:55PM
A neat feature to add would be a better search function.GanonsSpirit15/21 3:45PM
Pick a number from 1-10 before entering (Poll)
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Ogurisama295/21 3:35PM
My friend just sent me a snapchat of him and his girlfriend in the shower.KroganBaIIEater75/21 3:26PM
I go to Starbucks at least once a week.ArtistScientist35/21 3:25PM
"There's only one man I'll take a bullet for, and he's at home cooking my sEragonLover87215/21 3:24PM
Greatest Game Ever: Round 1: Match 40 - Timesplitters 2 vs. World of Warcraft (Poll)
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quigonzel125/21 3:22PM
I'm thinking about buying a gun
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AwesomeTurtwig295/21 3:20PM