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Who is worst Israelis or Palestinians? (Poll)Metal_Gear_Link57/23 7:18AM
why is Tumblr so freaking slow today?NightMareBunny47/23 6:59AM
I wish there was an option on Facebook to filter out the religious crap
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faramir77257/23 6:57AM
I want to try playing Hey You Pikachu while inebriatedfaramir7777/23 6:46AM
Yesterday, I walked a mile.Storrac87/23 6:33AM
Just bought some St. John's Wort....Kr0w1Nc4rNa7367/23 6:26AM
I now play ps4 more than PC. first time since 2008.joemama199227/23 6:20AM
bad mii verse posts.helIy37/23 6:05AM
Rebels shoot down two Ukrainian Fighter JetsSt_Kevin27/23 5:04AM
What Mafia themes would you like to see?
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Nichtcrawler X517/23 5:01AM
dawwww this kid is f***ing adorbzFatalAccident27/23 4:57AM
REAL Poll of the Day - Why take time off from the internet?
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KOReldor177/23 4:29AM
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Do you think Vladimir Putin is the definition of a "Real Man"? (Poll)
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Full Throttle177/23 3:50AM
I'm glad Germany won because FALKLANDS.
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Arctic_Sunrise267/23 3:49AM
Holy crap. There are Danganronpa avatars on the PSN store.
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Kanakiri127/23 3:40AM
So Sweet Creep 4 u closed his account?FatalAccident37/23 3:35AM
Is this a real thing oh my godLootman77/23 3:28AM
"CJ you sounding more and more like a snee-eye-itch everyday"
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FatalAccident197/23 3:26AM
I actually miss that SweetCreep guy.
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DumbGimmickName257/23 3:15AM