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And Scotland voted against independance
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iPhone 6 dropped by kid after launch
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Hurt/Heal: Final Fantasy IX CharactersEclairReturns99/19 5:09AM
Which Saints Row games are good/worth playing?
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This Ex-Marine invited a 20 y/o Homeless Kid to have a 3-some with his Wife..But (Poll)Full Throttle89/19 4:59AM
describe the poster above you
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Modern Family or The Big Bang Theory? (Poll)GhoullyX109/19 4:53AM
Father forces 4 y/o son to hold a sign that said "I Hit Little Girls"... (Poll)
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This is the Face of the Man who killed his Daughter and 6 Kids in Florida... (Poll)Full Throttle89/19 4:45AM
I'm now playing the Walking Dead Season 2 (Spoilers)
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lol you guys seen this?FatalAccident39/19 4:39AM
Death penalty is not right! Murderers have the right to get away with murder
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This Asian Girl is going to prison for 8 years for selling Guns to a Felon.Fair? (Poll)
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The Truths of Tarrun
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