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Rate the PotDer - Day Twenty-Nine: Captain-Trips/Jimbo (Poll)
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I just want to start walking to work.Judgmenl22/28 5:12PM
My arms are looking swole as hell
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Oldest tv commercial you remember?eating4fun62/28 5:10PM
List all the shoujo anime you knowAmeliaJane1692/28 5:07PM
You find a genie that grants you only one wish, but only if...
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I lost my virginity._.Junpeiclover102/28 5:06PM
my little minecraft server village is really coming together.
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Developers still haven't learned not to put three things in their games.
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Is Heroes of the Storm something I can pick up casually?SkynyrdRocker62/28 5:00PM
I'm watching Death Note (spoilers)
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Not gonna lie, I got pretty bored when watching 2001 A Space Odyssey.Metro282/28 4:58PM
Which character looks more powerful? Day 9: Nicol Bolas vs. Ugin (Poll)lihlih12/28 4:56PM
My brother has disappeared, and I don't know what to do.
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oh man this girl gets knocked the **** outargonautweekynd32/28 4:48PM
GameTok with Lok: Rainbow Pudding
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Did you ever dumped a woman for hating videogames? (Poll)
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Anybody here remember this ad?Dan0429102/28 4:43PM