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i like how samsung phones are typically easy to fixhelIy210/30 3:33AM
i want a simcity/tropico with emphasis on warViolet_Blooded310/30 3:14AM
Look at what this Chinese Girl did to her husband on their Wedding Day!!! (Poll)
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Full Throttle2310/30 1:59AM
Happy Birthday Foxxbox!JigsawThought310/30 1:21AM
Less than 47 days until The Hobbit: The Battle Of The Five ArmiesWastelandCowboy910/30 1:17AM
Ariana Grande's songs are actually really good.
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raymanfan12110/30 1:17AM
Attn Zikten, ZessT, & ZangulusJigsawThought310/30 12:42AM
hey everybody were all gonna get laidargonautweekynd310/30 12:08AM
why do people like sports?
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Philoktetes4710/29 11:41PM
I always get super depressed around Halloweenacesxhigh610/29 11:30PM
What's your experiences with ghosts?
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noble banana1410/29 11:26PM
Sunset Overdrive is the best new game I've played all year.
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newsuperdude2910/29 11:14PM
Do you think the lack of equal representation in games is a problem? (Poll)
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Blighboy2710/29 10:52PM
Are you afraid of the dark?WindMouseHanpan510/29 10:33PM
This 23 y/o Guy won 10k in Basketball..and he's never played??? Do you call BS? (Poll)Full Throttle710/29 10:13PM
Choose what Subway sandwich I make: The Contest
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acesxhigh1210/29 10:12PM
Have you ever met anyone like yourself? (Poll)
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RoboT_Ripper2810/29 10:08PM
I can't let things go.FinalXemnas210/29 10:08PM
People still watch Red vs Blue?Metro2110/29 10:06PM
Favorite color of tree? (Poll)PollGuy54710/29 10:01PM