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WTF??? I'm watching Silence of the Lambs for the first time
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why do some guys have the hots for fat girls?
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NightMareBunny3110/21 8:58PM
C/D: you cringe when people speak internet lingo
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Lemur_Says1110/21 8:58PM
Talk to Mada and ask him stuff: The Topic
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madadude19810/21 8:56PM
What do you multiply something by to flip it?
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Mr_melodramatic1410/21 8:55PM
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What do you yell when you finish inside a woman? (Poll)
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Ao_Ryuu542510/21 8:54PM
Body switch movie with presidential candidates during election seasonVicaris810/21 8:53PM
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a hot girl comes up to you and says she will be your gf if...
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Ogurisama6210/21 8:50PM
So a football player on the PRACTICE SQUAD gets cut and its front page news
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Buddha11872910/21 8:50PM