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I lost interest in Smash Bros. when it turned into a hardcore competitive seriesFerarri6191010/21 8:51AM
My uncle died
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Erik_P2610/21 8:49AM
Tried to draw my cat. Drawing black cats is hard.
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Doctor Foxx1410/21 8:49AM
This 23 y/o Indian Soccer Player died after snappin his neck doing a Somersault (Poll)Full Throttle610/21 8:48AM
Do you take an annual flu shot? (Poll)
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I sometimes wonder if I would be able to maintain a romantic relationship.keyblader1985510/21 8:43AM
wow Amazon has to be one of the most reasonable sites out thereSILENTGHOSTS96310/21 8:43AM
Official PotD Destiny Topic (All Systems): Part Deux
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Melon_Master36110/21 8:42AM
I just saw a story on the news about Anita Sarkeesian
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faramir772010/21 8:41AM
Laundry room, where is yours (Poll)Ogurisama510/21 8:37AM
do you like cold candy? (Poll)
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sonicbn1710/21 8:36AM
This 24 y/o Nerdy Biology Teacher had sex with a 17 y/o and now faces Prison!! (Poll)
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Full Throttle3210/21 8:35AM
Has The Walking Dead become any better?Link_AJ1010/21 8:35AM
I just got a **** load of fake Pokemon cardsDeltaBladeX710/21 8:35AM
I can remember back when internet was metered by hours in AOL.Chef_Excellence310/21 8:30AM
Guy gets knocked out for slapping a guy with a pizza (Poll)
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EggsBenedikt6410/21 8:28AM
mankinds gonna make it to jupiter.supermegablox810/21 8:25AM
Quick queston regarding Grammar!Nemesis347210/21 8:21AM