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My credit score has not gone up for the past two monthsargonautweekynd43/25 11:49PM
Awkward boner from dentist. >blogfaqs<DishSoap83/25 11:33PM
When you see my face, I hope it gives you hellWastelandCowboy33/25 11:31PM
how hard is bloodborne compared to hipster souls, best souls and mediocre souls?
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mayu780113/25 11:20PM
Is PotD doubling as the Bloodborne board?GanonsSpirit33/25 11:17PM
I think I might start putting up watch review videos.argonautweekynd33/25 11:17PM
This picture is cracking me up for some reason.MasterSword54613/25 11:11PM
I just wiped out in the lamest way possibleargonautweekynd33/25 10:54PM
What are your top three most expensive hobbies?
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InfestedAdam333/25 10:46PM
my friend's girlfriend is annoyingDirtBasedSoap63/25 10:43PM
did you guys know markiplier was recently sent to the hospital?
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NightMareBunny303/25 10:31PM
Went on the highway for the first time today (well, 3)
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Junpeiclover133/25 9:53PM
hey all -im working on a pilot episode for a TV show - please read and rate
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Mr_Sockyman253/25 9:49PM
I'm a Jedi AMA
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jedirood663/25 9:45PM
I feel like I'm better than most people because I do a lot of drugs. (Closed)zpoopinthe3rd93/25 9:44PM
"Hey, Tusk want to play a game?"Krow_Incarnate13/25 9:44PM
How come no one mentions Crusaders of Centy when talking Genesis RPGs?Lokarin43/25 9:37PM
I was scratching my knee, and then...Ireland_FTW33/25 9:35PM
Hahaha, this guy is in an episode of breaking bad.argonautweekynd63/25 9:32PM
Should I be on this site if most of the time, I DON'T want to discuss games?EclairReturns83/25 9:23PM