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An interesting read about the color blue. Apparently it didn't exist long ago.
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My toaster is pregnantTheWorstPoster63/3 12:20PM
Best Episode of Game Grumps EverSt_Kevin63/3 12:07PM
I'd like to discuss the gender wage gap in terms of evolutionary psychologyJoshsonic2693/3 12:00PM
Please have one condom not one abortion.
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Rlaur2273/3 11:49AM
Flower Grandma REFUSES to pay $2000 Fine for not selling to Gay Men!!.. (Poll)
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I stumbled across a twitch stream where a girl would dance with a shake weightJoanOfArcade13/3 11:41AM
This Mother is Disgusted that people called her 2 y/o Daughter a Monster!! (Poll)
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Do you like Shia Labeouf? (Poll)
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My dog hasn't woken up today.RebeccDOS83/3 11:31AM
New Origin On The House free game - Syndicate (1993)DeltaBladeX23/3 11:28AM
why is anti semetism "the oldest hatred"?
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Zikten153/3 11:26AM
"I Can Help the Next in Line" Dial-a-Song Week 9HoonDing13/3 11:19AM
So did IGN and Gamespot just totally ignore the newest Dragon Ball Z game?Krow_Incarnate103/3 11:19AM
Rate that tv show ~ Day 682 ~ Top Gear (Poll)Slayer53/3 11:02AM
All my roommates and all my team members at work got sick at the same time.Gastroid33/3 10:45AM
Was it ever touched on again outside of the first Harry Potter that Harry was
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Suppose a new console is announcedTheWorstPoster63/3 10:42AM
C/D "check your privilege" is a very poor sentiment. (Poll)
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