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What are your top 11 favorite episodes of The Real Ghostbusters? SPOILERSDan042944/21 10:12PM
Recommend me some ASMR
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AwesomeTurtwig234/21 10:11PM
Bros, the Army took a dump on my culture!lihlih44/21 10:10PM
Give me Android games to play.Queen10Sooted64/21 10:10PM
On the board 'PotD' what topc did you think about making but didnt?McSame_as_Bush94/21 10:01PM
If you where a poll of the day trading card!
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BlazeAndBlade134/21 9:57PM
With Black op 3 confirmed, is there still hype for COD games? Fanbase cycle?Ryan-0644/21 9:28PM
exercise studyHenryKissiger24/21 9:06PM
Any one here like Game of Thrones/have interest in mafia?Suprak the Stud74/21 9:02PM
Trying for the Thanatophobia trophy in Rogue Legacy...keyblader198514/21 8:47PM
Building a new computer, want some thoughts.
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That_70s_show204/21 8:39PM
Why haven't moronic developers not yet realised - we want to skip cutscenes?
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Arctic_Sunrise284/21 8:38PM
who is your favorite potd mod? (Poll)Nade Duck104/21 8:33PM
9 y/o Kid who was BANNED from Little League is Killed in Drive By Shooting.. (Poll)
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Full Throttle124/21 8:30PM
Aw yeah, i'm back.rgonautweekend84/21 8:20PM
Why aren't you playing the greatest video game of all time right now?RedSox34224/21 8:09PM
When I'm tired like this my anger and hatred motivate me.
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TheOneWithin134/21 7:59PM
Who do we know who thinks all muggle borns are scum?kangolcone84/21 7:49PM
Batman looks at Wonder Woman and asks her does she bleed.....
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PARAMYTAS144/21 7:44PM
What religion discourages you from celebrating birthdays?RayKnight74/21 7:41PM