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When your mom calls you at 9 and asks you to make a macaroni salad for tomorrow.ShinRaKnight47/28 7:44PM
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Anyone got a free IQ test website?
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Kimbos_Egg327/28 7:31PM
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I thought Wonder Woman was supposed to look strong?
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pipebomb_phil317/28 7:22PM
The other day, a girl told me all men love ass playmeatbal250197/28 7:19PM
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Cards Against Humanity
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metalconkerrr317/28 7:00PM
What game sequels out there were in TOTALLY DIFFERENT GENRES from the originals?
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shipwreckers807/28 6:47PM
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Girls is too pretty to play sports.bluPython97/28 6:08PM
One thing I NEVER like games to be "realistic" in is INVENTORY CAPACITY!
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shipwreckers897/28 6:00PM
I've been farting up a storm at work today.. >__>Melon_Master107/28 5:58PM
UGH, I don't want to take my Phonology testBNVshark12357/28 5:55PM
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