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Any new features in ORAS?
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Lokarin1412/14 2:37PM
I can't remember the last time I finished a game :(EternalNether212/14 2:28PM
Has there even been a good Keanu Reeves movie?
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knightoffire553112/14 2:27PM
I just had a really weird BM (nsfl)
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Mr_melodramatic1212/14 2:11PM
Best child hero in videogames (Poll)
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yourDaddie1112/14 2:03PM
Are you very easily motivated?Real_Account412/14 1:59PM
I play Dota against just bots and listen to ASMR to relax.Chef_Excellence312/14 1:33PM
80's Song of the Dayquigonzel212/14 1:07PM
what do you think of those that believe unless you are poor you can't complainNightMareBunny512/14 12:56PM
Is it racist to eat spaghettios out of the can? (Poll)
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HenryKissiger3812/14 12:54PM
why did leela's parent issues always take priority over fry's family issues?Nade Duck512/14 12:48PM
So guys I still don't know what I want for Christmas.Judgmenl612/14 11:34AM
you say im crazymayu780212/14 11:25AM
I've been watching Kitchen Nightmares on Netflix, and it's uncensored...Gastroid812/14 11:22AM
System Shock 2 ~$1 (Poll)Sahuagin912/14 11:10AM
Why do most Pogeymanz Champions live in small towns of 3 to 4 buildingsWhatPoll612/14 11:10AM
This comic says it all...Lokarin112/14 11:09AM
So a girl set me this message on OKCupid.
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knightoffire551412/14 11:05AM
Would a FFVII remaster satisfied you? (Poll)yourDaddie412/14 11:01AM
PC Master Race people, can you take a look at my build?
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Gastroid1712/14 10:48AM