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So how is Ted Cruz allowed to run for president?
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SkynyrdRocker353/23 10:49PM
Bloodborne is the game I was bloody born to play!Lobomoon83/23 10:46PM
Did you know? Day 4
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knivesX2004123/23 10:38PM
I have an idea for a lolvideo. Give me your favorite GIFs.MetaKirbyFan53/23 10:33PM
Does anyone else have trouble deciphering double-negative sentences?EclairReturns103/23 10:12PM
Rate that TV Show ~ Day 699 ~ It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia (Poll)Slayer103/23 10:10PM
Steppin on the beachJokePoster63/23 9:52PM
Me, as a Fallout Regulator!Arctic_Sunrise93/23 9:50PM
errataBirdsOfPray13/23 9:39PM
Attn: BirdsOfPray
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Queen_Awakening113/23 9:33PM
Do you think you've improved as a person after high school? (Poll)
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EclairReturns443/23 9:33PM
I found a bunch of Disney dvds on sale rate my purchase
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JoanOfArcade253/23 9:19PM
i have a pair of headphones with like a 30ft cord.argonautweekynd33/23 9:19PM
I think I have achieved gaming burnout...
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Lokarin123/23 9:18PM
I think I just had a moment with my guyBNVshark12373/23 9:15PM
Has anyone here ever turned in the same paper twice?
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TinyTankX113/23 8:59PM
Dang, detoxing leaves you feeling real beat-up.
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Arctic_Sunrise283/23 8:44PM
So... In about 32 hours I'm getting married. AMA.
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Llanthana233/23 8:38PM
Greatest Movie Series Ever Final Four: Match 2: Star Wars vs. Marvel Cinematic U (Poll)
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quigonzel333/23 8:35PM
You are now blind, but you now have a heightened sense of smellTheWorstPoster63/23 8:31PM