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Favorite team sport (Poll)
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Ogurisama124/30 10:28PM
What game has the best level design?Yoshipizza514/30 10:23PM
No system startup will ever top this.
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Zareth164/30 10:20PM
people who believe in reincarnation - can you get reincarnated into a plant
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Mr_Sockyman134/30 10:05PM
Not many people know but 7 has the best overworld theme in the series
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Vicaris194/30 9:41PM
Arctic's "Sooo, I'm playing..." Volume 1 - Earth Defense Force 2025AtledAotearoa54/30 9:16PM
If you're into this stuff watch this guy pop zits/whiteheads/whatev on his nose.rgonautweekend34/30 9:09PM
My local theatres are showing Age of Ultron tonight, how?
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Action53254/30 8:51PM
Age of Ultron was awesome! *spoilers using spoiler tag*IceDragon7774/30 8:37PM
Amazing how history repeats itself...WhiskeyDisk24/30 8:35PM
ATTN: Albertans (Poll)
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Ogurisama114/30 8:35PM
Your top 3 favorite video game characters?
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Storrac334/30 8:26PM
Faith in humanity has shrunk after watching this.
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Metro2394/30 8:22PM
Maybe I'm Depressed?
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MrMelodramatic124/30 8:18PM
I hate the modern-game 'let's walk slow with an NPC while characters talk' thingMilleyd94/30 7:58PM
Pixels looks so cringeworthy....Krow_Incarnate34/30 7:55PM
I just started watching Community.kratosdakota364/30 7:23PM
Rate that TV Show ~ Day 735 ~ Saved by the Bell (Poll)Slayer84/30 7:23PM
So what do you guys think of the new darker theme on My Little Pony (spoilers)?Lobomoon34/30 7:10PM
Moving old hard drives to new computer.That_70s_show84/30 7:04PM