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I've never actually seen Star Trekjedirood63/2 12:39PM
April fools for WoW players lol
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Judgmenl143/2 12:36PM
Wow, the new Twinmold fight is horrible.papercup73/2 12:35PM
What are some movies I can watch on netflix?
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Kanakiri203/2 12:30PM
Every time you go somewhere, people always talks about mudcrabsTheWorstPoster43/2 12:21PM
i don't walk...ZiggiStardust13/2 12:16PM
Why is it a stereotype that rich people smoke tobacco pipes?Dan042913/2 12:13PM
What's with the ''You're not a snowflake'' sentiment coming from my generation?
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VioletZer0333/2 12:09PM
Anyone here live in San Francisco?kriemhilde0013/2 12:04PM
Please follow the instructions in this topicTheWorstPoster53/2 11:56AM
2004: Will my PC run Half Life 2? 2007: Will my PC run Crysis?Ferarri619103/2 11:49AM
Anybody want to see my friends get beaten up by women?AKA_Tex_Mex13/2 11:30AM
I'm using the oven by myself for the first time.
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Storrac323/2 11:27AM
I bought a watch calculatorargonautweekynd93/2 11:25AM
C/D: You share the same eye color as your Spouse/GF(BF).... (Poll)
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pionear113/2 11:15AM
I've decided to leave my job.
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Kanakiri333/2 11:15AM
what cereal should i eat? (Poll)NightMareBunny53/2 11:14AM
Witcher 3 or Batman Arkham Knight? (Poll)
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PARAMYTAS273/2 11:11AM
Zoop or DmC? (Poll)knightoffire5573/2 11:11AM
Do you think you can survive a Mega Earthquake?. (Poll)
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Full Throttle173/2 11:07AM