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Replaying Up Your Arsenal. Man, the PS2 R&C's are still the best
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Raganork10138/16 6:31PM
What does being successful mean to you?
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TreGooda228/16 6:21PM
The more i play ff8 the more i fall in love with itCaptain-Trips58/16 6:12PM
I legitimately don't get Tinder.
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knightoffire55128/16 5:50PM
The more i play ff 13 the more i fall in love with itJunpeiclover28/16 5:47PM
I love when Critikal plays horror games.raymanfan128/16 5:38PM
Going to try my newest PS3 games for a while (Poll)
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DeltaBladeX128/16 5:38PM
Comp sci degree-ers: Do you actually need the Calculus knowledge?
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raymanfan1118/16 5:25PM
Heaven or Hell? (Poll)Q_Sensei98/16 5:21PM
People being scared by PTMetro248/16 5:17PM
that ingress game wants me to commit a misdemeanor.HellHole_18/16 5:15PM
Diablo 3 Ultimate Evil Edition comes out in a few days
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Boogieonover168/16 5:14PM
That girl that "friendzoned" me...
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Flutershy398/16 5:14PM
I don't like to die.WhatPoll98/16 5:12PM
Arctics you busta!Boogieonover68/16 5:10PM
I'm debating if I want to ask my friend if she wants to dateErik_P88/16 5:09PM
Students blast Michelle Obama's healthy push as they pose sad at School... (Poll)
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Full Throttle418/16 4:46PM
Everybody poops sometimes.knightoffire5518/16 4:45PM
What do you think of me?
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Arctic_Sunrise128/16 4:43PM
A 30 minute anime has 4 commercial breaks on Hulu Plus
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quigonzel378/16 4:29PM