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How long can you honestly see yourself being a gamer?
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WindMouseHanpan2612/24 7:55AM
Guess what.-Kitt-512/24 7:53AM
Joseph sure got the shaft in the Christian ReligionSt_Kevin312/24 7:28AM
C/D You would prefer a virtual woman to a real woman (Poll)
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aznStaRBoY5312/24 6:46AM
Seriously GFAQs?Super_Thug44412/24 6:43AM
I knew it! They ARE going to release The Interview on ChristmasMetro21012/24 6:32AM
Merry Christmas eve eve PotDOgurisama712/24 6:10AM
Pick the game I try to finish next. (Poll)
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Blaqthourne2312/24 5:48AM
M-Merry Christmas~!HenryKissiger412/24 5:12AM
Why is the PotD steam group so useless?i_am_AcTive512/24 4:38AM
Legend of Korra creators confirm ending speculation. (Spoilers!!)
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twa5562212/24 2:56AM
I'm so lucky it's raining whenever I go out with my not-gfacesxhigh312/24 2:43AM
Missing option on today's pollSqwarts212/24 2:36AM
Slayers (anime) humor is so twisted. I love it so far Lol.Ferarri619712/24 2:33AM
Is the NES Metal Gear game any good?
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Storrac1212/24 2:27AM
arrested developmentMr_melodramatic912/24 2:11AM
How do I summon the Ghost of Christmas Yet To Come?WhatPoll812/24 1:33AM
I want to Cosplay in 2015 as....WaterImp712/24 1:10AM
A Jimi Hendrix 12-pack came out on Rocksmith! (2 six song polls) (Poll)
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AllstarSniper321412/24 1:02AM
A Jimi Hendrix 12-pack came out on Rocksmith! (2 six song polls) 2/2 (Poll)
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AllstarSniper321112/24 12:58AM