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Apparently Being Poor Is Modable (Closed)
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aDirtyShisno287/22 8:36PM
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Hey VioletZer0, who do you think is the hottest female video game character iyo
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So it looks like the world is verging on another Cold War/World War situation. (Poll)
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The mayor of a community in Quebec was stung to death by bees
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Should I get with this heavy girl and try I get her in shape
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I turn on my comp the second I wake upYengeon17/22 6:55PM
Holy S*** Guys... I Got Drunk WAY Too Fast!
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Did aliens create the internet? (Poll)
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I walked into my sister's room and tripped on a bra.
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Whites no longer majority voters in Ohio
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Is other men checking out your woman enough to upset you? (Poll)
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