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Teen who bullied a 71 y/o Bus Monitor has now Forced a Kid to Drink his URINE!! (Poll)Full Throttle74/24 5:41PM
I like how HBO is banning VPN users on its new "HBO GO" servicer7gerrabbit54/24 5:39PM
Any advice? Going the drive in tonight for 3 movies with a female friend.
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TheNeckbeard124/24 5:30PM
Boredom hang out topic | part X (Closed)
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I like being naked
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Favorite Past Rocksmith DLC Part 56 Golden Bomber (Poll)AllstarSniper3284/24 5:11PM
I consider myself to be pretty straight.Zareth24/24 5:09PM
Five Finger Death Punch, Rise Against, Seven Dust, Slash - Festival tomorrowbutsizzle24/24 4:54PM
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400 coins left, what should I get from Club Nintendo?Zareth64/24 4:46PM
Recent research shows that blondes actually have a lower average IQ. (Poll)
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QuesoBlanco204/24 4:42PM
Attn: MelonRaganork1054/24 4:41PM
Score one for screen protectors.
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keyblader1985154/24 4:35PM
Aaand The Blacklist continues to be amazing.Judgmenl64/24 4:32PM
anybody who donates to charities that help people in the first world is a racistEragonLover87244/24 4:31PM
This atheist rant is hilarious
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JanwayDaahl734/24 4:10PM
I want the old argument ender back....blackhrt24/24 4:06PM
How awesome would it be if Micky Mouse saved the world? Like, for real.GrimCyclone44/24 4:02PM
Ahoy there sailor, can you do the otter dance?grumble_roar34/24 4:00PM
Have you watched 'Daredevil' on Netflix yet? (Poll)
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ObligatoryFate314/24 3:50PM