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I think I'm trans
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N805699/19 10:15AM
this ****ing ad just zoomed in from the left side of the screen and pissed mehelIy29/19 10:12AM
How is Pot-D doing today?Judgmenl99/19 10:10AM
Effects needing to use the bathroom has on your dreams.FellWolf79/19 10:09AM
iPhone 6 dropped by kid after launch
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diebuster2349/19 10:05AM
Do you (as a minority gender or race) find the gamer "community" to be......? (Poll)
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Taizuku199/19 10:03AM
Mmmm, actually, I think Ys Oath in Felghana is tied with Origin as the best
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Raganork10239/19 10:00AM
This Asian Girl is going to prison for 8 years for selling Guns to a Felon.Fair? (Poll)
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Full Throttle169/19 9:57AM
Explain why Naruto is good?
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Ryan-06279/19 9:54AM
Why haven't DC exploited Flash and Green lantern more?kratospwnsnoobz29/19 9:52AM
Gay groups are horrified as marriage equality backfires.
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Lobomoon199/19 9:52AM
It's time for my weekly Whole Foods donut. I have a question.SunWuKung42049/19 9:49AM
Have you ever purposely Killed a Spider after you turned 13 years old or older? (Poll)Full Throttle109/19 9:49AM
Day 221 Villain Mash Up (Poll)scubasteve4269/19 9:47AM
I have found it. Gamefaqs lowest rated game.
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St34lth24139/19 9:46AM
I may have accidentally guilt tripped a friend into inviting me to his wedding
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InfestedAdam139/19 9:43AM
This 17 y/o Kid wants his Senior Picture taken with his Cat..Should they do it?? (Poll)
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Full Throttle199/19 9:43AM
Anyone play Tomodachi Life?RikkuSwirls49/19 9:40AM
My character from Destiny looks like a terrorist.
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ZiggiStardust129/19 9:33AM
Simpsons rating topic- Day 141- Who Shot Mr. Burns?, Part 2 (Poll)DumpsterMcNuggets89/19 9:33AM