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Do you think Jennifer Lawrence is a freak in bed?
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WastelandCowboy2312/17 8:51AM
126 people (mostly children) dead in a wahabi attack on a Pakistani school
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JanwayDaahl1812/17 8:41AM
Steam train: Lego Island With Rosstopher And BarradosNightMareBunny112/17 8:39AM
Do you remember the first thing you used the internet for?
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Ogurisama4512/17 7:43AM
Have you ever worked in a call center, and would you ever go back?HeyYouPikaPoo212/17 7:41AM
Recommend me all-girl rock bands
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SephirothXV1712/17 7:37AM
Stopped going to an unpaid internship. They send meva TEXT messageJunpeiclover312/17 7:32AM
Have you committed the cardinal sin of s****ing? (Poll)
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bachewychomp1312/17 7:11AM
How far into MGS3 am I?Storrac612/17 7:10AM
Could the Middle East undergo a huge Revolution later like Japan did after WW2?
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Ferarri6192912/17 7:10AM
Everyone seemed to like Days of Future Past, but I didn't as much. *SPOILERS*saspa512/17 7:08AM
Is it weird that I would rather go to war with North Kore then play Silent HillsESMWjot812/17 6:51AM
watched 30 minutes of Wolf of Wallstreet (now on netflix)
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Lemur_Says1512/17 6:45AM
Holy crap did Valve just kill the marketplace?Judgmenl712/17 6:43AM
Not sure what to do about this week's Rocksmith DLCAllstarSniper32312/17 6:34AM
why is the internet so stupid about this candlejack meme?
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NightMareBunny5312/17 6:31AM
How do I get better at life?
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Stupid Pirate Guy1212/17 6:21AM
is hugging foreplay?
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SHADOW01061312/17 6:14AM