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Dog goes woof, cat goes meow, bird goes tweet and mouse goes squeak.Milleyd74/23 12:26AM
Prison inmate unexpected hero! saves female guard from nasty rape attempt
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Ryan-06304/23 12:20AM
What is joe biden doing to their daughter!?Ryan-06104/23 12:19AM
there is one thing about smash that i will never, ever understandNade Duck104/22 11:57PM
Okay, guys, what was the first thing you saw on the internet which made you gag?
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Arctic_Sunrise314/22 11:40PM
I am now beginning episode 4, season 5 of breaking badrgonautweekend24/22 11:35PM
The other day they had the easiest wheel of fortune puzzle
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rgonautweekend164/22 11:27PM
Just finished Borderlands The Pre SequelJoanOfArcade14/22 11:03PM
why doesn't anyone care about the environment?
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Zarkai454/22 10:54PM
Glitch speedruns. How do you feel about them? (Poll)
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Xade76294/22 10:52PM
Markiplier is hot.Metro234/22 10:47PM
I hate looking for apartments/housingJokePoster44/22 10:44PM
Just finish Spec Ops: The LineDeltaBladeX24/22 10:41PM
Is Xenoblade supposed to be this toughJoanOfArcade84/22 10:35PM
Study finds video games are not linked to sexist attitudes
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papercup114/22 10:29PM
Never thought I still would be posting on message boardsmagmagrunt0614/22 10:28PM
I still can't decide between Xbox One or PS4...
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Arctic_Sunrise294/22 10:24PM
I just realized I have no plans for my 21 birthdayshadowsword8744/22 10:07PM
I might buy a second calculator watch.rgonautweekend54/22 10:06PM
in fighting games, how do the fighters heal up so fast after round 1?Zikten54/22 10:04PM