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Anyone know a website to order games from australia to the uk?Kimbos_Egg17/29 8:35PM
This 14 y/o Girl texted her b/f "Omg, i'm being Kidnapped!" found Dead..
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This meme is kinda bad. (Closed)
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Walnuts, peanuts, pineapple smellsZareth27/29 8:14PM
Ubuntu Users: Looking for an OS recommendation for an XPS M1710
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Good knightDmess8557/29 8:08PM
Asked hottie out, she said yes, life is good.
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God. i can never get to New game Plus on dark souls 2..
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Talk to me, PotD.Mr_melodramatic37/29 7:50PM
If I make an okcupid will people be able to find me?imasadsadguy67/29 7:48PM
If Mermaids were real... (Poll)
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how was Ashens able to film, edit, and release his movie during the time AVGNhelIy27/29 7:42PM
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stick of truth is p awesome.Nade Duck27/29 7:25PM
Anita SarkeesianChef_Excellence87/29 7:21PM
y'know, wind waker really is pretty damn crap.
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I have a confessionSHADOW010697/29 7:11PM
For animals, lifespan is proportional to weight^(1/4), and heartbeats is... (Closed)bluPython27/29 7:10PM
Kill me now. another boy band emerged >_>
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