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Yooka-Laylee has, after 30 minutes, already surpassed its Kickstarter goalHenryKissiger95/1 12:28PM
Rate my new sigSpectrum5765/1 12:19PM
Melee or Brawl?RandomBoss55/1 12:17PM
Raising a child with Autism is hard....
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quigonzel265/1 12:08PM
Banjo Kazooie spiritual succesor fundedMetal_Gear_Link15/1 12:02PM
4 billion dollars or all of Adam Jensen's augments?
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VioletZer0225/1 11:59AM
Do you liek Mump and Smoot?Lokarin15/1 11:55AM
(From the makers of Banjo Kazooie) Yooka-Laylee Kickstarter to begin tomorrow!!
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deadpigs101125/1 11:50AM
"I am proud to be of the userbase that voted for the fifth option."SkynyrdRocker15/1 11:43AM
"Hotting up" or "heating up"?
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Lobomoon275/1 11:41AM
has an old person ever told you "don't get old"Mr_Sockyman75/1 11:38AM
Would you rather play: An old game or a game that came out in the past year? (Poll)
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Judgmenl245/1 11:34AM
13 billion, but it costs an arm and a leg
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jedirood185/1 11:26AM
This 31yo ASTROLOGIST knows the SECRET to clickbait titles...Lokarin85/1 11:14AM
90% of girls don't know this trick to get any man to like you on a date.AtledAotearoa95/1 11:11AM
Cheese platters are the best thing everAwesomeTurtwig105/1 11:03AM
I want my Wedding song to be Lunatic by Billy JoelASlaveObeys45/1 10:45AM
tutorials in harvest moon games suck.
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Nade Duck335/1 10:44AM
Why do we have such draconian traffic laws?
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bulbinking795/1 10:40AM
Someone should use that Microsoft app to figure out the age of Ultron.GanonsSpirit65/1 10:38AM