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Getting my prostate checked tomorrow.
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Far-Queue167/25 6:00PM
Was anything important said at the end of today's Korra episode? *Spoilers*GanonsSpirit37/25 5:59PM
Destiny beta download "unavailable"?jackson555967/25 5:57PM
I also don't really understand why people go crazy for free/cheap things.
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supergamer19237/25 5:55PM
There should be a Let's Play youtuber...rodman87037/25 5:54PM
Maisie Williams (Arya Stark in GoT) in talks to play Ellie in TLoU movieFar-Queue107/25 5:34PM
We should all totally learn sign language.VioletZer037/25 5:31PM
Joe biden is funny! anyone wish he was president instead of obama?
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BushidoEffect3137/25 5:23PM
wtf is this?NightMareBunny47/25 5:07PM
Anyone want to test xFAQs for me? (Firefox Addon)
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Judgmenl3957/25 4:59PM
Opinions on if I should buy full fins or split fins?bluPython17/25 4:50PM
If aliens came to earth a few thousand years ago and taught humans to buildGanonsSpirit67/25 4:49PM
A cat can slip indoorsMiroku_of_Nite127/25 4:42PM
Slinja plays Megaman X2 (Please help me)
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TheSlinja207/25 4:33PM
"What color are my eyes?"Le_Corbeau27/25 4:20PM
Bro..mayu78027/25 4:13PM
Let's binge-watch Agent's of SHIELD! (Possible spoilers)
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Captain-Trips237/25 4:04PM
Would you change your eye-colour? (Poll)
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Tyurru360427/25 4:01PM
Finally own The Legend of Zelda: The Minish Cap
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DeltaBladeX167/25 3:57PM
Got Red Eyes?Insomnia57/25 3:52PM