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What do you want in Resident Evil 7?
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BigOlePappy238/28 3:13AM
I have never spend a cent on Origin, how is my collection?
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DeltaBladeX288/28 2:40AM
I had a dream (Nightmare?) that I was in the movie Precious with PotD
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Melon_Master158/28 2:32AM
Do you enjoy seasonal sessions/ladders among online games? (Poll)InfestedAdam68/28 1:02AM
Who will be the CEO of that lame, fake gaming company? (Poll)
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Sarcasthma118/28 12:01AM
An ode to Kingmichael1337WastelandCowboy78/28 12:01AM
So, it looks like my ex is a willing accessory to welfare fraud. (Closed)
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RikkuSwirls168/27 11:51PM
Best Zelda Game? (Poll)
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Q_Sensei268/27 11:25PM
Was only going to watch 1 or 2 Simpsons eps of the Every Simpsons Ever Marathonquigonzel68/27 11:25PM
I always thought PotD was incredibly left wing, but whats with the homophobes?Storrac48/27 11:05PM
these are two contenders for best anime fight scenes. which one is better? (Poll)
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GhettoFlip148/27 10:36PM
Boston Marathon Bomber's sister threatens woman with putting a bomb on her!! (Poll)Full Throttle38/27 10:33PM
Rate MY top 15 movies :P (Poll)Gradieus108/27 10:13PM
Would Dynasty Warriors: My Little Pony, be any good?
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Flutershy138/27 10:10PM
What's something under $5 I should buy on PSN?raymanfan138/27 10:04PM
Why did the fairy double check her work before leaving for the night?
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FellWolf168/27 10:00PM
PotD, let's start a gaming company, one game at a time.
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Ao_Ryuu54308/27 9:54PM
anyone excited for Pax Prime?NightMareBunny98/27 9:50PM
XBOX One has hit an all-time low in weekly sales worldwide...Is it Game over? (Poll)
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Full Throttle118/27 9:31PM
SWAT team raids gamer's room while he's playing Counter-Strike.
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Metro2168/27 9:27PM