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the wii u gamepad should have been a capacitative OLED screen.
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HellHole_177/21 8:47AM
So, I am reading ulillillia's dream mathematical interpretations on his siteWhatPoll57/21 8:36AM
Back down to 0 moderated messages in my historyZiggiStardust67/21 8:33AM
So is an upvote bot against reddit rules?bluPython77/21 8:29AM
You know what they say! The more the merrier!WhatPoll17/21 8:29AM
Why do parents say "there are starving kids in China" to get kids to eat?
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WhatPoll247/21 8:18AM
my aunt told his child she will hide the internetyourDaddie37/21 8:09AM
I'm looking for a fun treasure hunty game.Lokarin97/21 8:07AM
Dark Souls 2 is doing a GB big patch...
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Lokarin157/21 7:35AM
It's easy to make someone laugh... it's hard to make someone smileSt_Kevin57/21 7:30AM
have you ever bought a counterfeit item online?BigOlePappy107/21 7:24AM
YOU name it EYE draw it.
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Lootman357/21 7:18AM
Cause I'm the type of ***** that's built to last. If you **** with me (Closed)FatalAccident37/21 6:23AM
How many forums are you permanently banned from? (Poll)
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Full Throttle187/21 6:14AM
Week 3 of my jobungubby47/21 6:13AM
How do I find new reddits I'd like and stuff?bluPython47/21 5:54AM
Day in the life of Ungubby: workingungubby107/21 5:48AM
Manuel Neuer is such a drama queen in my game of FIFA 14. >_>chill 0227/21 5:43AM
What is your most used emoticon?
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T-dus507/21 5:35AM
While rafting I came across a party...
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bluPython187/21 5:28AM