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Nominations for the Greatest Game Ever: Topic III - The Cut List (Closed)
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quigonzel383/30 7:35PM
Do you ever think someone has hypnoxed while thinking about you?
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BNVshark123213/30 7:26PM
An Anthrax 4-pack came out for Rocksmith today! (Poll)
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AllstarSniper32143/30 7:25PM
I just bought fallout 3 dlc and nowIreland_FTW43/30 7:07PM
I got a Pes dispenser from the WalmartLokarin33/30 7:07PM
I would like to make some YouTube Money, WHO'S WHIT ME!!!
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Lokarin443/30 7:06PM
The Box
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SpeedDemon20623/30 7:05PM
I just used a line from In the Line of Fire to get out of an argument on...Dan042913/30 7:05PM
when this world is no more, the moon is all we'll seemayu78043/30 7:02PM
Does anybody else think that Link should be black in the new Zelda game?
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JokePoster383/30 6:59PM
I'm playing Final Fantasy VI now. What lvl should I be by the end?MabinogiFan43/30 6:57PM
This is Garnet. Back together.
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JoanOfArcade153/30 6:50PM
Christ on a bike, it's windy out there tonight.Arctic_Sunrise33/30 6:49PM
Gears or God (Poll)knightoffire5543/30 6:43PM
I just got an unsolicited job email from a company through my work email.Judgmenl23/30 6:39PM
Hottest Spin Fighter Day 16: Power Coins/Titanus/Baboo (Poll)Ugly Joe13/30 6:31PM
I just found out there is a liquor store in my city called Amy's Wine House.
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Dynalo143/30 6:29PM
Jurors Cry as they hear Boston Bombing Victims Died in Pain because of Dzhokhar. (Poll)
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Full Throttle153/30 6:22PM
Attn: Ganon (also GameDev peoples)
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Lokarin223/30 6:17PM
Are you kidding me?...they're making a spin off show of The Walking Dead?Captain-Trips43/30 6:04PM