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If the Raiders go to the Superbowl and win, I'll close my account.jedirood105/5 11:35AM
Explain my dreams to me (Poll)
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DarknessLink7165/5 11:23AM
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Do you think you could beat up a theoretical blue belt in BJJ (Poll)
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Got into student housing at graduate school!ArtistScientist35/5 10:54AM
How long does it take to fire a capsule at Mars/Venus (as the two closest)?Lokarin15/5 10:51AM
Finally finished watching Daredevil. Oh my god you guys its so awesome! SPOILER
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AIundra145/5 10:38AM
patton oswalt says tonights agents of shield is a bonus scene from AGE OF ULTRONZiggiStardust75/5 10:37AM
Well my own incompetence saved me in football managerrgonautweekend15/5 10:25AM
Never played Half life 1. Can I just play Black Mesa?twa55645/5 10:21AM
In movies (and Stargate) you see people shooting at aircraft with small armsLokarin35/5 10:13AM
When your company smartphone dings with yet another email...
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Solid Sonic165/5 9:52AM
Are the New Atheists the only trust worth group left?Metal_Gear_Link35/5 9:26AM
I haven't eaten since Tuesday morning..
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Jen0125595/5 9:20AM
Saint seiya: brave soliders I never seen the anime (Poll)RFC2235/5 9:11AM
It looks like many of the classic 3D Realms / Apogee games are coming to Steam!
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shipwreckers175/5 9:01AM
Is e-transsexuality common on MMOs?
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Metal_Gear_Link215/5 9:01AM
Anyone here played Republique Remastered?DeltaBladeX45/5 8:54AM
When is Gamefaqs going to update PSP new release dateernieforss15/5 8:44AM
Hey Tutoria!
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JediMutant135/5 8:42AM