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I keep getting these ads on gfaqs asking me to rotate my dragon25/20 5:05PM
Its just like Duck BearDeltaBladeX55/20 5:04PM
any good sites/apps for meeting people?
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Muscles125/20 4:56PM
Should fat and skiny-fat tax exist in all countries with socialized health care? (Poll)Metal_Gear_Link65/20 4:49PM
For those with iPhones, can I only use music from iTunes with it?deadpigs10195/20 4:33PM
Hrm. I think I'm getting bored of Dark Souls.Raganork1055/20 4:26PM
Witcher 3 is failing to suck me in.Lightning Bolt55/20 4:23PM
The girl meets world schedule is so weird.ArtistScientist15/20 4:21PM
I really hate weapon durability in Dark Souls 2.
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Dynalo325/20 4:14PM
I just beat Axiom Verge... (spoilers!)papercup105/20 4:09PM
eck I got a bit of pretzel stuck under my tongueJoanOfArcade45/20 3:58PM
Anyone read The Witcher books?Lobomoon25/20 3:49PM
because no one is using the beta, they're forcing people to now.
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helIy215/20 3:43PM
my boss thinks that batman should be black
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Zikten495/20 3:35PM
What is the best Magic The Gathering game on PC?Lobomoon45/20 3:31PM
Every time unfit women complain about hot women on tv I post them this
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Metal_Gear_Link165/20 3:31PM
I always get a chuckle when La Mulana is described as a remake of an 80s gamecaveman757025/20 3:25PM
Who is the greatest PotDer in all of PotD history?
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SkynyrdRocker515/20 3:21PM
greedy government pigs want more moneyMuscles55/20 3:03PM
What kind of Polls of the Day do you most like to see on GameFAQs?McSame_as_Bush15/20 3:02PM