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does music have to have good lyrics for you to enjoy it?humptyrump69/19 2:20PM
Favorite Metroid game?
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Ao_Ryuu54359/19 2:20PM
How come the German language never spread much around the globe?Metro279/19 2:20PM
Being a young single female in today's gaming world is funJoanOfArcade59/19 2:19PM
Oh my GOD POTD. Me and another alpha male created a superteam in our lab and weSarouss2529/19 2:18PM
BBC forcasts "No" result (26/32 counties in. 54/46 No/Yes)
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TerrisUS129/19 2:18PM
So.... about that conversation last night.
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Flutershy1389/19 2:16PM
Today's poll is missing an optionWaffIeElite39/19 2:15PM
What is a more prestigious award? (Poll)HealthyLunatic39/19 2:14PM
Watched the "20 short stories about Springfield" Simpsons episode and nearly...quigonzel109/19 2:13PM
Smash 4. It's actually pretty awesome. Even on the 3DS.ESP Samus89/19 2:13PM
College Football Week 4 TopicBigOlePappy89/19 2:11PM
weird hair guy at my school
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humptyrump159/19 2:10PM
I'm playing runescape...
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Judgmenl289/19 2:10PM
Have they made an online Mario Party yet?Captain-Trips49/19 2:07PM
What the heck.. why am I not eligible for the Wii U Deluxe Digital Promotion? :/
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Melon_Master129/19 2:02PM
The scientist lady from Robocop was hot as hell!
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lihlih159/19 2:02PM
If I already own FFXII on PS3, should I bother getting it for PC?ZiggiStardust69/19 2:00PM
Is PotD anyones 24/7 anymore?
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IAmNowGone169/19 1:57PM
Toontown Rewritten is opening to the public in half an hour.Gamechamp3k79/19 1:54PM