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Is it OK to vacuum back fans / openings on my new Plasma / LED TV?Lobomoon210/21 9:05PM
What do you multiply something by to flip it?
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Mr_melodramatic1410/21 8:55PM
Body switch movie with presidential candidates during election seasonVicaris810/21 8:53PM
Hotline Miami will probably be loads more fun then HatredTwyliteSprinkle310/21 8:53PM
I'm edgy and unique.DirtBasedSoap410/21 8:39PM
f.lux is actually great.raymanfan1210/21 8:18PM
ITT: Spells that you like to spam
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Dmess852710/21 7:57PM
I can remember back when internet was metered by hours in AOL.Chef_Excellence810/21 7:52PM
Rate My SupperArctic_Sunrise110/21 7:51PM
haha I got a demo code for Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire
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JoanOfArcade2310/21 7:41PM
The cow goes moo
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darcandkharg311110/21 7:40PM
God I miss when I was apart of smaller message boards.Judgmenl610/21 7:33PM
does anyone recognize this gameGreenfox111310/21 7:29PM
Which of these characteristics best describes you? (Poll)
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GameLord1131410/21 7:15PM
My gf has turned asexual this semester
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BBalla103010/21 7:08PM
Aaand that's Alien: Isolation complete!Arctic_Sunrise1010/21 7:08PM
lol I think I may have killed a little bit of the fun in my favorite gameS_Fox510/21 7:04PM
Gangs of New York is so underrated
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Captain-Trips1210/21 6:59PM
Wait, is this for real?VioletZer0910/21 6:48PM
The very last room of FF13 makes me wanna play Digital Devil Saga againLokarin510/21 6:46PM