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Chrom's sword is called Falchion but it's not a falchion.Zareth49/23 5:53PM
on the topic of population control
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Do you believe in God? (Poll)
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Retroxgamer0209/23 5:50PM
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Should pot be legalized across the United States? (Poll)mgsfreak168829/23 5:50PM
Just how bad is The Devil's Rejects on a gore/grotesque level?Krow_Incarnate79/23 5:49PM
My female co-workers have all become oddly fast friends with each other.Creepyposter79/23 5:49PM
ISIS is making me me more racist everyday
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St_Kevin379/23 5:48PM
getting a new gaming computer. Should I get Windows 8.1 or Windows 7? (Poll)
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EggsBenedikt579/23 5:48PM
So my friends roommate doesnt believe in dinosaurs. (Poll)
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DrPrimemaster429/23 5:47PM
I might get a Macbook pretty soon >_>Kanakiri109/23 5:47PM
I just signed in so I could get my karma today.Dmess8519/23 5:45PM
I got a job :D
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LemonDestroyer169/23 5:45PM
JFC, the lady who owns the house I'm currently living in...BNVshark12399/23 5:45PM
Could you point me toward games with great asses?
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ec11929509/23 5:45PM
What is it about two girls...
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Lobomoon289/23 5:44PM
PotD Rate the video game song: Day 42 - Forest Adventure (Squirrell King) (Poll)
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quigonzel119/23 5:43PM
ITT: Classic TYPs and YTPMVsAwesomeTurtwig49/23 5:41PM
I got back from a funeral today :/ *sigh*S_Fox59/23 5:41PM
Someday, gaming will cease to existWhatPoll49/23 5:37PM