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Cat / Chat 1: Feline discussion and appreciation topic. Meow are you doing?
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Doctor Foxx4811/29 2:20AM
Rate that TV Show | Day 604 | Buffy the Vampire Slayer (Poll)Slayer7861311/29 2:15AM
Does Duckbear only race bait anymore?
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kangolcone1211/29 2:14AM
Reluctantly crouched at the starting line....MrArmageddon8311/29 2:14AM
What would have had happen if Sauron got the ring anyway?
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MrArmageddon81711/29 2:14AM
So which of the Fellowship of the Ring was the best fighter? (Poll)
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Sardanapallus1411/29 2:14AM
Black people get their own month AND their own day?
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green dragon1611/29 2:13AM
Favorite Past Rocksmith DLC Part 44 (initial DLC) (Poll)AllstarSniper32311/29 2:03AM
Official PotD Destiny Topic (All Systems): Part Three
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ParanoidObsessive7911/29 1:58AM
It's Always Sunny: Who is your favorite team-up/dynamic etc? [Show spoilers] (Poll)saspa711/29 1:57AM
ITT We write a short Growing Pains fanfic three words at a time for Kirk Cameron
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Melon_Master18911/29 1:52AM
Thinking of getting this soundbar for the 49" TV in our bedroom. Thoughts?Melon_Master311/29 1:51AM
A 12 y/o Black Boy hugs a White Police Officer during Ferguson Protest.. (Poll)Full Throttle411/29 1:47AM
This Sexy 18 y/o Girl tells Girls she Loves getting a Black Eye from her b/f!!! (Poll)Full Throttle1011/29 1:33AM
This 21 y/o Gaming Journalist received Rape threats (Poll)Full Throttle811/29 1:28AM
Gunfire, Fists, Knives Break out on Black Friday as these Young Men Duke It Out (Poll)
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Full Throttle1411/29 1:19AM
So does the PS4 actually really run insanely hot or was that just propaganda?Chef_Excellence711/29 1:05AM
Finally got around to transferring everything from my Wii to my Wii U...papercup311/29 1:03AM
Gah, what the hell is wrong with people? Now my knuckles are bleeding...
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Arctic_Sunrise2511/29 1:01AM
Rate this Villain Day 285 Ultra-Humanite (Poll)scubasteve42611/29 12:59AM