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Vanquish is ****ing awesome.
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What's the deal with PotD?bachewychomp68/18 9:14PM
Would you vote for Francis Underwood as President? (Poll)MrArmageddon818/18 9:13PM
My friend is a closet racist/homophobe.Storrac68/18 9:12PM
So, I may have some roommate issues
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cgreenw168/18 9:06PM
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PotD Rate a Game - Game 752 - The Last Story (Wii)
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Can Someone Tell Me What the F*** Happened In Ferguson, MO? (Closed)
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JediMutant398/18 8:58PM
I didnt know the Vita had a shameles Monster Hunter clone
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I'm sitting here naked at my computer....quigonzel78/18 8:48PM
I've been drinking a little bit...
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Kanakiri198/18 8:38PM
That feeling when a strong man puts his hand on your hip and squeezes yourSarouss2588/18 8:35PM
Supposed to go to Europe in a few weeks. Now a volcano is about to blow...r7gerrabbit18/18 8:30PM
Here, here, here we go.Ogurisama78/18 8:27PM
Right, I need good or bad influences...
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Arctic_Sunrise168/18 8:22PM
Basil pesto + Parmesan gnocchi = OMGWastelandCowboy18/18 8:17PM
This 28 y/o Teacher followed her 15 y/o Student 650 miles to have Sex with him!!
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Would you change your race? (Poll)
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Wow, what a deal!!!LanHikari10 (M)98/18 8:05PM
So I've seen a 2 and a half houe video on an Xbox One disassembly and reassembly
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WhatPoll258/18 8:03PM