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ITT: Recommend me graphic novels (and manga...again)
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How often do you leave your computer on? (Poll)
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Staaaaarcraaaaft shooooow dooooooownshadowsword8717/27 2:01PM
VioletZer0 won't let me smell her hair
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is anyone here lack toast and tolerance?Nade Duck97/27 1:03PM
Today feels like a Monday.twa55617/27 1:02PM
Do you have a headboard for your bed? (Poll)
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Bruce Timm to write and direct new Justice League movie.GanonsSpirit37/27 12:55PM
"God just needed another angel by his side"
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The poll made a mistake.Gamechamp3k37/27 12:48PM
you find a brief case on the side of the road with 4 million dollars
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Big beautiful women (Poll)
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>Buys $300 headphonesbluPython97/27 12:40PM
Alright, that's enough summer now, thanks. Back to winter, please.
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SOmething something AMA
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Trying to find a job in the middle of the summer = stupidJudgmenl37/27 11:39AM
Israel's problem is that it has 'short man syndrome.'
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Simpsons rating topic- Day 119- Treehouse of Horror V (Poll)DumpsterMcNuggets107/27 11:22AM
So the UK will now, essentially, let you pirate whatever, with no repurcussions.helIy17/27 11:16AM