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Bruce Jenner Comes Out as Transgender Christian Republican
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Come join me in my tinychat for a while!
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What if Pinocchio said "I will now make my nose grow!"
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I will be the oneCornishGhost34/24 10:00PM
90% of guys don't know this trick to get any woman to like you on a date.
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Batman vs The Lady of Pain.
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Ugh Nade the Lucina figma was pushed back to June.DespondentDeity94/24 9:29PM
One of my biggest pet peeves..keyblader198574/24 9:12PM
Why is 7 the most popular in the poll (Poll)
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Mortal Kombat shouldn't allow you to perform fatalities against the women.
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I just realized theres a difference between being uneducated and poorly educatedcaveman757034/24 9:03PM
Rate my current wallpaper part 007 (Poll)
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