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was there any 8 bit SNES games?helIy210/21 7:36PM
If you went back in time 20 years and de-aged yourself which would you rather do (Poll)
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WhatPoll1510/21 7:36PM
Official PotD Destiny Topic (All Systems): Part Deux
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Melon_Master36810/21 7:36PM
I can remember back when internet was metered by hours in AOL.Chef_Excellence510/21 7:35PM
haha I got a demo code for Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire
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JoanOfArcade2210/21 7:35PM
What did you all have for dinner tonight?WastelandCowboy1010/21 7:35PM
God I miss when I was apart of smaller message boards.Judgmenl610/21 7:33PM
C/D: you cringe when people speak internet lingoLemur_Says910/21 7:33PM
The cow goes moodarcandkharg311010/21 7:32PM
a hot girl comes up to you and says she will be your gf if...
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Ogurisama5810/21 7:31PM
Body switch movie with presidential candidates during election seasonVicaris210/21 7:30PM
does anyone recognize this gameGreenfox111310/21 7:29PM
This little cat came into my office.
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Milleyd2810/21 7:29PM
Man Kind will probably head the asteroid belt first rather than MarsSt_Kevin310/21 7:24PM
Do you like Tuna?
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BigOlePappy1210/21 7:24PM
WTF??? I'm watching Silence of the Lambs for the first timeJunpeiclover510/21 7:16PM
Which of these characteristics best describes you? (Poll)
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GameLord1131410/21 7:15PM
What benefit to society do Homosexuals offer?
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Q_Sensei5510/21 7:15PM
do you like cold candy? (Poll)
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sonicbn2410/21 7:13PM
Meet the most TERRIFYING Man in Mexico whose Catholic family disowned him...:/ (Poll)Full Throttle710/21 7:12PM