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I just applied to be a nuclear engineerAwesomeTurtwig81/26 5:26PM
When the weathers bad out...Trevor_Belmont41/26 5:26PM
Tonight, I made roasted chicken breasts, roasted pototoes and broccoli.SunWuKung42061/26 5:24PM
ATTN: Melon! The Skyrim Feast pic just went online.
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Arctic_Sunrise171/26 5:24PM
apparently this is the most popular show on cartoon network right now....
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NightMareBunny171/26 5:24PM
They make a 9/11 joke in Lego Marvel.
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Storrac121/26 5:24PM
I'm a terrible self-motivator/need jogging advice...Solid Sonic31/26 5:24PM
Good things would have to happen for me to be..
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Aaron20b191/26 5:23PM
At first I didn't really like the new Dragon Age but I changed my mindMilleyd51/26 5:23PM
One of my top Key and Peele Skits
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Junpeiclover151/26 5:22PM
Bunnyhug > Hoodie
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Dynalo241/26 5:21PM
anybody got those potd speed dating comics?
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acesxhigh171/26 5:21PM
you know that song where the guy talks about different girls around america?Zikten61/26 5:21PM
Say you like a girl who dating one of your friends and then they break up...
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DelectableTears191/26 5:20PM
The Lapis Lazuli episode of Steven Universe was just amazing....quigonzel21/26 5:06PM
Japanese adult toy sites have the best Engrish ever.
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DespondentDeity281/26 5:01PM
Pretty awesome gallery on imgur yesterday for fans of bizarre portraits.DespondentDeity61/26 5:00PM
The most depressing Buzzfeed article of All TimeMetro2101/26 4:59PM
Do you crinkle your bagged Ramen Noodles? (Poll)
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SirPikachu141/26 4:58PM
Bored? Have nothing to do? Then check this out.Metro261/26 4:58PM