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Since I've been sick, I've had two days off.. but it's just phlegm and coughs
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Melon_Master139/30 6:49PM
The most NintenFAQs poll everbachewychomp79/30 6:46PM
Has anyone tried Kewpie Mayonnaise? I saw this on Amazon and I'm curious
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Melon_Master189/30 6:41PM
Anyone having layout issues with xFaqs or other gamefaqs plugins?FellWolf79/30 6:39PM
This video is f***ing hilariousAwesomeTurtwig79/30 6:32PM
Tales of Xillia 1 ending reminders (SPOILERS)chaosbowser29/30 6:20PM
Just finished playing "To the Moon".
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Xade76219/30 6:15PM
So i was trying to explain how men view Ross, Marshall's and TJ Max
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ernieforss139/30 6:14PM
What are some good recipes for buffalo wings?JanwayDaahl29/30 6:00PM
What do you think of Joel Osteen?Metro219/30 5:58PM
did they ever said who toph's husband is?
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Ao_Ryuu54119/30 5:50PM
Girl stretching in class (Closed)Sylvia_Dia79/30 5:36PM
Stephen Bean Episode 5: No Time Left. (Birthday Edition)
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Kimbos_Egg3719/30 5:33PM
why didn't that maybe just not pull over?LemonDestroyer79/30 5:32PM
attn arctichelIy19/30 5:29PM
Sexiest Doom Level Day 17: Gate To Limbo Vs. Command Center (Poll)Ugly Joe59/30 5:22PM
Roughly 47 days till I am a fatherHm64 00789/30 5:16PM
I'm gonna start a youtbe channel with the hopes of making money
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BNVshark123219/30 5:10PM
Man diagnosed with Ebola in US
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Erik_P209/30 5:01PM
man I love when black comedians come on stageLootman59/30 4:54PM