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No phone or Internet at work for 96 hours and counting.
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Doctor Foxx198/29 4:40PM
Whats your favorite movie soundtrack album? (NOT ost)TwyliteSprinkle58/29 4:31PM
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Would you date a girl twice your age?
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Your PotD Crushes
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RikkuSwirls648/29 4:28PM
play brave frontieragesboy108/29 4:22PM
Hi my name is
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DirtBasedSoap158/29 4:19PM
George RR Martin does the Ice Bucket Challenge and almost dies!
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Captain-Trips118/29 4:15PM
You are turned into your 12-year-old self
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So I found a piece of paper a hipster wroteWhatPoll18/29 4:08PM
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Official Animal Crossing for the 3DS, FC Sharing Topic Part Seventeen!
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Melon_Master2528/29 4:04PM
i really want to buy some cod of duty games since they is on saleTwyliteSprinkle18/29 4:04PM
should I get Azure Striker Gunvolt?Botnus91268/29 4:02PM