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15+ years ago (or whenever) bro left Mario Paint on during our summer vacationLokarin38/27 9:08PM
anyone excited for Pax Prime?NightMareBunny88/27 9:06PM
About to play Metal Gear Rising Revengeance for the first time.Death_Of_Effie38/27 9:05PM
Should I start Disgaea 2 or Star Ocean: First Departure? (Poll)Ferarri61938/27 8:59PM
How excited are you guys for self driving cars?
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dragon504288/27 8:55PM
i hate putting together futonshelIy58/27 8:49PM
So, it looks like my ex is a willing accessory to welfare fraud.
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RikkuSwirls138/27 8:46PM
today i started community collegeAmeliaJane16108/27 8:44PM
So GoG has started to sell moviesshadowsword8798/27 8:44PM
New Gauntlet trailerTwyliteSprinkle88/27 8:42PM
Which is better: An i3 at 2.40 GHz or i5 at 1.70 GHz?davf13528/27 8:39PM
Tinychat party tonight!
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Flutershy198/27 8:39PM
So because idiots can't use the word literally right, the definition has changed
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r7gerrabbit458/27 8:32PM
Any PotDers want to play random Awesomenauts, or Awesomenauts TDM?AwesomeTurtwig28/27 8:32PM
I don't watch movies but my top 10 favorite TV showsJudgmenl88/27 8:31PM
Where do people with no experience go to find jobs?
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jamieyello3228/27 8:31PM
Sports Discussion Topic #101: To Pedro Strop's ports or depot
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bachewychomp468/27 8:31PM
So Burger King may be buying out Tim Horton's to save money on taxes.
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Dynalo518/27 8:19PM
Female Superintendent says this High School has girls dressed like Skanks! (Poll)Full Throttle108/27 8:19PM
I think the final chapter of Legend of Korra will be called Harmony.Loixuj108/27 8:19PM