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Attn: Raga, Turt and one other person (L4D2)
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Dynalo2510/31 1:03PM
I'm trying to remember a song: No further informationLokarin810/31 12:56PM
listened to the new tswift disc (1989)Mr_Sockyman410/31 12:53PM
I forgot to breed pumpkaboos to wonder trade them away D=N805110/31 12:52PM
Occupation: Butt DoctorChef_Excellence1010/31 12:50PM
REALLY tempted to by a wii u right now
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Junpeiclover2210/31 12:45PM
In Minnesota, it's 23 years ago today that we had an epic Halloween blizzardErik_P410/31 12:45PM
Remember when we used to have board elections?Stupid Pirate Guy510/31 12:40PM
What do you think about the inside of my work computer?
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Action531210/31 12:36PM
So many weirdos outsidemayu780110/31 12:35PM
Happy Birthday thedeerzord!DrPrimemaster510/31 12:24PM
American Psycho is such an awesome movie.SunWuKung4201010/31 12:19PM
achievements shouldnt be at the cheats section (Poll)mayu780610/31 12:00PM
what game will be your next NEW, day-1 purchase?
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ZiggiStardust3610/31 11:53AM
Video game system collecting - questionRenraku_San110/31 11:52AM
Too ill to go out tonight... good scary film to watch?
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Jvaas1410/31 11:46AM
How often do you wash bedding? (Poll)
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RJP_X4310/31 11:43AM
I feel like the 3DS already has a better library than the DS.
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Zareth3810/31 11:41AM
Do you like whoppers candy? (Poll)
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grape_purple3110/31 11:41AM
one time as a kid when i was trick-or-treating the weirdest thing happened
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Nade Duck3510/31 11:38AM