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I swear my mother is high on some s*** when she texts meBNVshark123811/22 12:07PM
OK this was hilarious:
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saspa1411/22 12:06PM
Playing Pokemon Alpha Sapphire and I keep thinking about how much I miss...WastelandCowboy811/22 12:05PM
Best Dragon Ball non canonical villian (Poll)yourDaddie511/22 12:00PM
tired of people complaining about Obama on social mediaYOLO_SwagItOut511/22 11:59AM
anybody here got an amiibo?Ao_Ryuu54611/22 11:57AM
I really don't see the benfit of using Zengief over Ken or RyuDmess85511/22 11:48AM
I'm curious what a slice of cooked Winnie-the-Pooh bear meat tastes like.WastelandCowboy811/22 11:46AM
Amiibo has already lead to disappoint
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Doctor Foxx2811/22 11:41AM
Who could beat Goku fuse with superman ?yourDaddie711/22 11:37AM
Aunt May is a homewreckerZikten111/22 11:33AM
Judging the success of consoles by their exclusives...
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WastelandCowboy1311/22 11:23AM
Bayonetta or Jeanne? (Poll)GanonsSpirit211/22 11:20AM
Manny pacquio, Brock Lesnar, Bruce Lee, mike tyso and marius pudzianosky vs Gori (Poll)yourDaddie211/22 11:10AM
DexNav has got to be the best implemented feature of any pokemon game.IceDragon77111/22 11:03AM
I have $10 amazon credit what should I buy?SILENTGHOSTS96311/22 11:01AM
Gymnast Girls have the best ass
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The_Sexorcist1111/22 10:57AM
Biggest trolls in GF? (Poll)
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papery0shi22511/22 10:56AM
Disappointing Sunset Overdrive Sales as it only sells 320,000 worldwide.. (Poll)
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Full Throttle2311/22 10:40AM
Hurt and heal Digimon Tamers main DigimonMilleyd111/22 10:32AM