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Drinking beer doesn't make you coolR-A-V29/15 9:25PM
What is your favorite area in RE4? (Poll)
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bachewychomp139/15 9:25PM
I dont understand why Sega still makes 3d Sonic games.
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PowerOats189/15 9:25PM
Is love at first sight unrealistic?
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LemonDestroyer289/15 9:24PM
The more I play of Destiny, the less I care for it...
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quigonzel169/15 9:22PM
Are those $16 FF smartphone games worth the money? (Poll)
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plasma_kirby123129/15 9:18PM
So Smash 4 has a game breaking bug causing players to be temp banned...Gamechamp3k69/15 9:14PM
A table is being sold for $89.60. This is a 28% off the original price
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Viking_Mudcrap409/15 9:13PM
Kill la Kill was stupid.
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JigsawThought159/15 9:12PM
ITT: We make things up about LanHikari10Espyon19/15 9:12PM
I think I ****ed up PotD, I kinda let myself go and now I'm having chest pains.. (Poll)
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DrPrimemaster149/15 9:11PM
"What's that, Harry? What's it pinned to?"Arctic_Sunrise89/15 9:10PM
Finally! After more than 14 years!TerrisUS19/15 9:09PM
I'm downloading ubuntu to do a dual bootacesxhigh109/15 9:02PM
Made a topic comparing Vagrant Story/Chrono Cross, browser crashed, it's goneRaganork1079/15 9:00PM
Rate that cartoon /10 | Day 537 | The Angry Beavers (Poll)Slayer786179/15 8:57PM
So I got baby chickens last night. They're black. I love them.ZBug_89/15 8:53PM
So my mother wants me to start working out...
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Judgmenl239/15 8:52PM
Should I buy iPad Air? (Poll)Lobomoon99/15 8:51PM
You will never find a more wretched hive of scum and villainy.
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Flutershy139/15 8:50PM