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For retro game nuts, today I saw a Gamestand ColourDeltaBladeX31/26 11:50PM
Why is Sam Smith giving Tom Petty royalties?knightoffire5531/26 11:36PM
I suspect most 14-15 years olds like Bad Religion.knightoffire5571/26 10:40PM
It's Karaoke Night! (Poll)knightoffire5511/26 10:16PM
Scientists found a planet with a ring system 200 times larger than Saturn's
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papercup131/26 10:13PM
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Rate that TV Show | Day 651 | American Horror Story (Poll)Slayer786181/26 9:58PM
Five Nights at Freddy's 3 trailer
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Metro2181/26 9:50PM
World class female comedians... I just don't know any.
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AC_Dragonfire491/26 9:41PM
So I just watched the Maze Runner....
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EternalNether151/26 9:29PM
I can't get to bed. (Closed)Trevor_Belmont41/26 9:29PM
Favourite videogame journalist? (Poll)HenryKissiger31/26 9:16PM
I can excuse most drawingsblackhrt21/26 9:12PM
Bunnyhug > Hoodie
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Dynalo251/26 9:08PM
why does food taste 10x better when you swallow it?
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jbleezyjj141/26 9:04PM
The Lapis Lazuli episode of Steven Universe was just amazing....
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quigonzel111/26 8:58PM
I just beat Final Fantasy II. Ask me anything.
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EclairReturns151/26 8:56PM
As of today, it has been two months since I've consumed a burger.WastelandCowboy71/26 8:37PM
omg 4900
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Majin Legacy281/26 8:26PM
This might be the best Game Grumps series in a good year or so.raymanfan181/26 8:23PM