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If a corporation is a person then why isn't a fetus considered one?
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Dazed2684228/31 1:37PM
Sometimes I wish I had a camera so I could post my battlestation.Judgmenl68/31 1:34PM
*spoilers* AwesomeTurtwig plays TWD Season 2! *Spoilers*
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AwesomeTurtwig318/31 1:19PM
How would you react if Obama publicly denounced you on national television over
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SHADOW0106328/31 1:12PM
attack on titan is p good
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Nade Duck318/31 12:59PM
you know why cashier people card you?
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mayu780168/31 12:55PM
deep fried mini-corndogs.
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helIy158/31 12:52PM
Kids Vs Food: VegemiteZangulus28/31 12:50PM
How cool would it be if we could delete certain things from our memory.Zareth78/31 12:49PM
Hmm... should I go out tonight?Arctic_Sunrise98/31 12:40PM
how do you feel about grammar nazis?magemaximus28/31 12:34PM
The Last of Us is a crappy game compared to Gone Home and Brothers: A Tale of 2
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Kingmichael1337228/31 12:25PM
Can we stop calling the PS1 the "PSX", please?
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Rlaur2148/31 12:12PM
ATTN: PotD you got a second? I need your advice. (Poll)Miroku_of_Nite178/31 11:56AM
Poll of the Dayspooky9668/31 11:52AM
why does Nintendo REFUSE to put a Second Analog stick on the 3DS?
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BeerOnTap238/31 11:50AM
I hate to call polls "NintenFAQs", but this freaking pollbachewychomp98/31 11:44AM
it's a crap potato picture, but i want to show off the best i've done in Ghosts
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helIy228/31 11:40AM
A mere 22 days after purchasing it, I have broken my laptop.
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T-dus188/31 11:38AM
Snoop Dogg is dressing up in whiteface as a character named "Todd"Far-Queue58/31 11:37AM