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Oh my god. That's nuts.SpeeDLeemon31/21 3:38PM
I do not support homophobia in any way.
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Storrac351/21 3:34PM
Corned beef to the left of me,Sarcasthma11/21 3:31PM
how many video game artists do you know off the top of your head?Botnus91221/21 3:16PM
What's your opinion regarding the protests against cops in the USA?
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tiago92381/21 3:07PM
Why do all the girls on Disney Channel now look exactly the same?Storrac31/21 3:06PM
This kid was in my group of friendsjamieyello331/21 3:06PM
I've got an MH4U code for the first person to ask. (Closed)HeroofDark41/21 3:00PM
NFL sucksDirtBasedSoap71/21 3:00PM
Why on Earth they are making all offices into open offices now?
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Metal_Gear_Link161/21 2:30PM
I think I am becoming a nihilist
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Zikten221/21 2:29PM
So my African coworker bought me an African shirtErik_P91/21 2:23PM
So are LoL/Dota actually any fun
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Blighboy281/21 2:23PM
Could it be possible to breed guardian cats?Metal_Gear_Link31/21 2:20PM
Resident Evil HD <3
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IceDragon77111/21 2:12PM
Ive noticed, i have been not posting to much latelyOgurisama21/21 2:03PM
When should you be in a relationship with someone & not just dating?
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KainReaver109131/21 1:48PM
have you seen american sniper yet? (Poll)
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Nade Duck391/21 1:36PM
Should God of War: Ascension just have been a fighting game spinoff? (Poll)knightoffire5511/21 1:30PM
Anime, Manga, VN, Osu, JRPG and Related Things Discussion Topic XXXXI-2 (Closed)
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SantanaXIIl5001/21 1:17PM