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Did you ever use walkie talkies when you were younger?bachewychomp710/25 1:06PM
I have not watched Doctor Who yet.Judgmenl110/25 1:06PM
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That amiibo commercial for Smash is super awkward.
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Far-Queue1510/25 1:04PM
What is your current phone? (Poll)Ogurisama1010/25 1:03PM
PotD, what's your favorite X-Files episodes?GameLord113810/25 1:02PM
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hardest part in a video game you played when you were a child...
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Ao_Ryuu541910/25 1:01PM
On today's poll...AnAngryPotato510/25 1:01PM
Senran Kagura: Shinovi Versus has the best Vita menu icon ever.
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VioletZer01510/25 1:01PM
Is Feminism a Religion? (Poll)
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Judgmenl1110/25 1:01PM
so, AC:Unity has some pretty high hardware requirements
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Troll_Police_4310/25 12:57PM
Noticed a HUGE plothole in Gravity! (spoilers)Metro2110/25 12:56PM
are there any good one-person Youtube Let's Play channels?Botnus912110/25 12:55PM
Have you ever been tased?
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OmegaM1710/25 12:54PM
Do you care about Grammar? (Poll)Metal_Gear_Link910/25 12:53PM
Is dragon age Inquisition more bioware like 1 or more EA like 2?Metal_Gear_Link110/25 12:51PM
Assassin's Creed Revelations freezing?Krow_Incarnate310/25 12:51PM