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Final Fantasy games sucks in my opinionSIayer-612/19 6:40PM
Did you ever believe any of these as a kid?
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ThePollGuy543112/19 6:38PM
This Missouri Republican says Women MUST have permission by Man before Abortion (Poll)
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Full Throttle2212/19 6:35PM
Kirby vs Buu Death Battle is finally outJoanOfArcade112/19 6:34PM
I sweet lord, I didn't fail my C++ class.
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Gastroid1212/19 6:32PM
James Franco and Seth Rogen need go to North Korea and apologize to Kim jong unSHADOW0106412/19 6:31PM
what words would you add to this memeSHADOW0106312/19 6:30PM
Its pretty f****** amazing how there are TWO sonic games worse than Sonic 06PowerOats312/19 6:28PM
why did nobody tell me that Bayonetta had a princess peach outfit?Nade Duck1012/19 6:25PM
The kid on the right looks like BoshinatorUltima_Dragoon412/19 6:25PM
New Device lets you become a real life Fireball throwin' Super Mario...pionear312/19 6:24PM
Check out this video of Notch's $70 million houseMetro2312/19 6:10PM
Sports Discussion Topic #106: Tanksgiving Leftovers
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bachewychomp30512/19 6:04PM
my copy of portrait of ruin just came in. super stoked!green dragon612/19 6:04PM
********* Official PotD Super Smash Brothers Wii U Tournament!!!!!!!! **********
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chaosbowser26912/19 6:03PM
Why do women like watching movies/tv shows that will make the bawl?darcandkharg31812/19 6:03PM
FF9>11>12>8>5 >6>1>14>10>7>4> 3>2>13Milleyd912/19 6:00PM
Rate this Superhero/Hero/Antihero Day 306 Daxter ( Jak and Daxter) (Poll)scubasteve42412/19 6:00PM
MarioFanatic's Christmas Giveaway topic
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DeltaBladeX2512/19 5:59PM
Rate this Villain Day 304 Master Hand (Poll)scubasteve42312/19 5:58PM