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A girl said she liked me today... (TL;DR prone)Komaiko5443/30 2:01PM
Don't you just hate when your buttcheeks go numb?Arctic_Sunrise43/30 2:00PM
Worst kind of obsessed console fan extremist? Nintendrone vs Xbot vs Sony Pony. (Poll)DarkKirby250043/30 2:00PM
Post ITT and I'll tell you if I don't think you're a s***poster.Ashphantom13/30 2:00PM
Steve Jobs vs. Steve from Blue's Clues (Poll)
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AwesomeTurtwig133/30 1:59PM
Doesnt that guy from motorhead make enough money to fix his face
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argonautweekynd173/30 1:58PM
Who's the best Futurama character? (Poll)WadaTah73/30 1:58PM
So Pillars Of Eternity has a quest where you kill transgendered people?
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Chef_Excellence523/30 1:58PM
One of the greatest things about America is how buttmad people get when you...
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kmerchandise353/30 1:55PM
Which story was the best? (Poll)DarknessLink743/30 1:55PM
I think I've improved quite a bit as a photographer over the last three years.SIvIart_USMC73/30 1:54PM
Games with no story > Games with bad writing/charactersbrisashi63/30 1:53PM
After I finally get MH4U, I barely have any time to play it.Death_Of_Effie83/30 1:53PM
You are now soluble in water.GanonsSpirit43/30 1:53PM
Can you guys give me a rundown of GameFAQs, it's social boards, and their users?
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GrimCyclone123/30 1:52PM
I have 530 coins on Club Nintendo. Any reward games I should check out?GanonsSpirit43/30 1:51PM
i got an email
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helIy493/30 1:50PM
Should I buy final Fantasy X?
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BNVshark123133/30 1:50PM
Something I find hilarious about the lesbian = misandry stereotype.
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VioletZer0543/30 1:46PM
Suppose the only way to save the future is to nuke a cityTheWorstPoster33/30 1:45PM