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You like the Spanish language (Poll)
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davf135249/22 8:03PM
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This 21 y/o Girl now has 3 Boobs so she could be an MTV Superstar! Is she Hot?? (Poll)
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Full Throttle129/22 8:01PM
Runesacpe released Prifddinas todat - 10 years in the making.Judgmenl109/22 7:59PM
I hope they do another offer to allow you to change your name sometime.Kanakiri109/22 7:59PM
post a pic of yourself and i will draw a chibi of you
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Nade Duck239/22 7:59PM
Autism diagnosis in the 1990s.
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Storrac119/22 7:59PM
Reporter: "F*** it, I quit."Metro259/22 7:57PM
I'm replaying Final Fantasy 6, get in here if you want a character!
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Melon_Master3289/22 7:57PM
Just got Artragejamieyello349/22 7:57PM
Anyone down for some MK7?DespondentDeity99/22 7:55PM
Without looking it up, name me the first 3 presidents of the United States.
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Dan0429219/22 7:52PM
post a picture of your self and I'll draw a chibi of you
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Ao_Ryuu54199/22 7:50PM
Have you ever hypnoxed while driving? (Poll)TwyliteSprinkle99/22 7:50PM
Final Fantasy Tactics playthrough, starring PotDers
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Raganork10449/22 7:49PM
Do Canadians say "Excuse my French"?DeltaBladeX49/22 7:48PM
Starforge is officially released. Is it any good?VioletZer019/22 7:47PM
Do you think the world would change is...Lobomoon69/22 7:46PM